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Gunsmith part 4 guide

Gunsmith part 4. Guide. I been stuck on this for a minute cuz the 60 round mags are locked from the flea and completely missing from the game for me but it turns out the 100 round mag works for the quest lol just in case anyone else is stuck with me. 76 comments. 93% Upvoted.

Gunsmith - Part 3 is a Quest in Escape from Tarkov. Must be level 12 to start this quest. Modify an MP5 to comply with the given specifications +5,900 EXP Mechanic Rep +0.03 500 Euros 525 Euros with Intelligence Center Level 1 575 Euros with Intelligence Center Level 2 PP-19-01 "Vityaz" 9x19 submachine gun MP5 specifications: 60 Durability 45 or greater ergonomics 200 or less recoil 200 or.

Gunsmith Part 4 is another quest that is given by the Mechanic that requires players to modify a gun to certain specifications. The modification itself can be. SIRUS GAMING. SIRUS GAMING. News. News. Gran Turismo 7 July Update 1.19 Adds New Vehicles. Marvel's Avengers Summer Skins Revealed.

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The Gunsmith quests in Escape from Tarkov are all about teaching you how to tweak your weaponry between games. Gunsmith - Part 4 asks you to modify an M4A1, transforming it from the underwhelming base version to one equipped with a silencer, 60-round extended mag, sight rating of 800 and up, ergonomics above 67 and recoil sum less than 350. Here's a quick task guide that will show you how to do Gunsmith Part 4 (Mechanic Task) the Cheapest and Easiest Way with tips that will help you get the task.

25 Jun Gunsmith Part 4: M4A1 a cheaper alternative. Reddit user UltraeVires has posted a much cheaper alternative than the one found on the official Wiki. ... Magpul M-LOK 4.1 inch guide - Mechanic LL2, ₽1,600; Attach the above to any foregrip with +6 ergonomics or higher, I used;.

0.12.9 対応 Gunsmith Part1~4. 【2021年令和3年最新版】 Gunsmith Part 1 Spec MP-133 Tactical Device (レーザー)つき 拡張マガジン (6マス以上) ergonomics 47 以上 recoil 合計 950 以下 4マス以下 やること Scav が持っている輪っかのマウント付き MP-133 を奪ってくる 以前のように.

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